City Publications, Reports, and Presentations

City of River Falls e-newsletter: River Falls Reader

In January 2022, the City's e-newsletter changed its name. Read and subscribe to the City's electronic newsletter.

City's Annual Report

The City's current annual report can be found here.

City Budget

Annually, the Mayor and City Council meet to review and approve a budget for the operations of the City. The budget includes the estimated revenue and expenditures needed to provide City services. For more information regarding the City's budget process and to view the current City Budget, please visit the Finance Department's Financial Reports and Budgets page.

City's Comprehensive Plan

 A comprehensive plan is the policy document that details the vision and goals for the City of River Falls and outlines the steps to take in order to achieve that vision. The City of River Falls Comprehensive Plan guides future decisions regarding physical, social, and economic character of the City. 

City Trends Reports

 The Trends Report provides a snapshot of what is happening in River Falls and insight into the future. The Trends Reports are often used by the Community Development Department, but provides relevant information for the River Falls community at large. The Trends Reports are available as PDF files below:

State of the City Presentation