Pay For

Utility Payments

Additional information regarding utility bill payments for water, sewer, and electric services, can be found here. In-person payments are accepted at City Hall (222 Lewis Street) Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. Additionally, a payment drop box located in the parking lot off of Lewis Street at City Hall. 

Property Tax Payments

Property Tax payments should be made to the county your property is located. More information regarding property tax collection can be found here.

Payment for Licenses & Permits

Payments for dog licenses, all alcohol-related licenses (liquor and bartenders), billiard hall licenses, Christmas tree sales licenses, cigarette licenses, mobile home park licenses, pawnbroker licenses, refuse hauler licenses, and weight and measures licenses are handled by the City Clerk's office. Payments for licenses and permits are accepted in-person at City Hall during regular business hours (Monday through Friday 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.). More information regarding these licenses can be found here.

Payments for Building & Related Permits

Payments for building and related permits are made in-person at City Hall following the completion a meeting with a Building Inspector. Questions regarding payments for building and related permits should be directed to a Building Inspector at: 715-426-3426 or 715-426-3427 between 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday.

Payments for EMS Services

River Falls EMS contracts with Andres Medical Billing for billing and collections. The EMS department does not have copies of patient bills and does not collect payments or make adjustments at the stations. If you have any questions about your ambulance bill, payments/financial assistance, or you have information to provide regarding insurance coverage, please contact Andres Medical Billing. Please have the patient name and the date of ambulance transport or invoice number ready at time of call. The phone number for Andres Medical Billing is 1-800-244-2345. 

Payments for Court Fines - Traffic & Municipal Citations

Payments of court fines for traffic and municipal citations are accepted in-person at Municipal Court Office at City Hall (222 Lewis Street). Fines and citations may also be paid by mail. For more information regarding payment of traffic and municipal citations can be found here.

Payments for Parking Tickets

Payments for parking tickets are accepted in-person or by mail. In-person payments are accepted at City Hall (222 Lewis Street) or at the Police Department (2815 Prairie Drive). Please note that the Police Department accepts cash payments only. Parking tickets may also be paid online.

Payments for Library Fines & Fees

Payments for library past due charges and/or lost materials are only handled in person at the Circulation Desk at the River Falls Public Library. Payment types accepted include cash or check. Library Location, Hours, and Phone

Payments for Parks & Recreation Services

Payments for recreation programs and reservations of park facilities are made payable to the City of River Falls. Questions should be directed to Parks and Recreation Services.

Acceptable Forms of Payment

Payment types accepted for City services currently include cash or check, with the exception of utility bill payments and parking tickets made online, for which major credit cards are accepted.