Human Resources

We are talent-seekers, advocates, coaches, resource experts, mediators, negotiators, out-of-the-box thinkers, strategists, risk managers, and thought leaders. Our department’s comprehensive programs and services support the professional growth and well-being of each employee. We are here for you.


We support, attract, and retain high-performing employees who fit our positive, can-do culture, are committed to serving the community, and uphold our City’s mission and values. We do this by providing competitive, equitable benefits; resources for personal and professional development; and expectations for high ethical conduct so that employees can be successful in their work – and enjoy doing it.


The most well-run, respected city in western Wisconsin with employees from diverse backgrounds who utilize cutting edge tools and practices to lead and transform communities.

HR Services Include:

  • Compliance reporting
  • Compensation and benefit administration
  • HR system administration
  • Labor relations
  • Personnel management.
  • Policy development
  • Safety/risk management
  • Staffing and workforce planning
  • Succession planning
  • Training and development

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