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1. Who is responsible for caring for boulevard trees in front of my residence?
2. How can I find out who owns a tree close to the boulevard if I’m unsure?
3. What can I do to my boulevard tree regarding maintenance?
4. The boulevard tree in front of my house needs pruning. When will the city be pruning my tree?
5. How can I get a tree planted in my boulevard?
6. The city has planted a tree in my boulevard. What can I do to help it grow?
7. The city planted a tree in the boulevard that I’ve never seen before. Why is that?
8. I don’t see Maples on the approved boulevard tree list. Why not?
9. Does River Falls have EAB? How close is it to the city? Any idea when it will be here?
10. I think I’ve seen EAB or a tree with EAB. Who do I call to find out?
11. I see Ash trees all over the city. How many Ash trees does the city have planted?
12. Two thousand trees is a lot of Ash trees. What is the city’s plan to handle that many infected trees?
13. I have heard that Ash trees can be treated for EAB. Is the city treating any Ash trees and can I treat my trees?
14. Can I have the Ash trees in my boulevard treated?
15. I would like to volunteer with River Falls Urban Forestry. Who do I call?