Don't all these storm water pond breed mosquitoes?
No, there are 53 known mosquito populations in the state of Wisconsin. Only one of those is the main carrier of the West Nile Virus (WNV), the Cultex mosquito. Cultex mosquitoes do not breed in deep ponds; they only lay their eggs in shallow stagnant water. They typically fly only 1/4 mile from where the hatch. Therefore, eliminating shallow, stagnant water will eliminate the breeding grounds for the Cultex mosquito.

The current standards of the City of River Falls call for storm water ponds to be at least four feet deep. The dry ponds and infiltration ponds within the City are designed to drain in 48 hours. Typically, mosquito larvae require four days (96 hours) to fully develop; therefore, the dry ponds and infiltration ponds are not wet long enough for mosquito breeding.

For additional information, click here, or check out the following links:
Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources
Center for Disease Control (CDC)
US Environmental Protection Agency
National Pesticide Information Center
Department of Health and Family Services
WI West Nile Virus / Dead Bird Hotline: 1-800-433-1610

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