How can I locate my property corners?
Newer lots in the City often have buried metal “property irons” at the corner of lots. A rented metal detector can help you to locate those. Older lots created quite some time ago likely only have “property irons” if a past owner or adjacent owner hired a professional surveyor to establish them. You may have documentation from when you purchased your property regarding the lot dimensions of the property and perhaps showing a physical location of your garage or home. From this information, you can approximate where the property lines are. One good step to take from a time/cost/neighborly relations standpoint is to talk to your neighbor to find out where they believe the property line is.

The only way for a property owner to accurately determine where his or her property lies is to hire a Professional Surveyor. Surveying firms are listed in the Yellow Pages. The City does not have a Professional Surveyor on staff and is unable to locate property lines for residents.

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