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Nov 20

Why is the City of River Falls moving from an Annual Budget to a Biennial Budget?

Posted on November 20, 2014 at 1:23 PM by Dawn Wills

A biennial budget is a budget that is set for two years instead of one (annual). The City decided to move to a two year budget this year because it will save a lot of staff hours that can be put to better use. The City staff starts working on the budget in August and continues until the Council approves it in December. From year to year the budget does not change that much and because of that, it is easier to predict what the City will need in the budget for the next two years. Council and City staff will still go over the budget next year for the following year’s budget, 2016, but only to make sure nothing needs to be readjusted. Next year it will take approximately one to two months to look at the budget for 2016 instead of spending the five to six months that it would normally take.

Mayor Dan Toland


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