Blue Bike Program

What it is:

Inspired by Stockholm, Wisconsin, the Blue Bike program is a free bike-share program that started in 2016. Bikes can be found at the City's two designated bike racks. They are located at Hoffman and DeSanctis Parks. Each rack will have adult and children's blue bikes of various sizes and styles along with a permanently affixed fix-it station.

What it isn’t:

It's not like the bikes you’ve seen in big cities where they all look identical and you have to swipe a card. Our eclectic collection of blue bikes is free to use.

How Does it Work:

We try to keep the rules to a minimum, but here they are:

  • Our bikes are available for recreational use
  • Please use respectfully
  • Follow the rules of the road
  • Please turn the seat backward if repair is needed
  • Please return bikes to either of the racks - Click here for a map (map needs to be updated)

Donating Bikes

Want to donate a bike to the program? Email or call Mike Noreen at 715-426-3467.

See Our Bikes:

Bikes downtown.jpg
close up.JPG
just painted bikes with kids.jpg
ONP bike rack with bikes.jpg

Other Biking Opportunities: