Billing Information

River Falls Municipal Utilities has several convenient ways to pay your utility bill.

Pay In Person

Customers can make payments using cash, check, money order or credit card in person at the utility office, located at 222 Lewis Street, Suite 228, during normal business hours of Monday - Friday, hours 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Pre-authorized Payment (PAP)

Automatic monthly deduction through our Pre-authorized Payment Program. Your monthly utility payment is automatically withdrawn from your checking or savings account on the due date of each month’s bill.

You will still get a bill every month so you can track the amount of your bill and stay up-to-date on any news being shared by the utility. Your bill will state Pre-authorized Payment DO NOT PAY. The due date that appears on your bill is the date the funds are withdrawn from your bank account. If this day falls on a weekend, the funds are withdrawn on the next business day.

To Enroll in Pre-Authorized Payment Program:

Fill out Pre-Authorized Payment Form (include a voided check or savings deposit slip) and mail or drop off to River Falls Municipal Utilities, 222 Lewis Street, River Falls.

You may also call us at 715-425-0906 to have us mail you the form.

The Pre-authorized Payment Plan is dependable, convenient and easy.

  • No check to write
  • No postage to pay
  • No missed or late payment charges - ever!
  • Easy to sign up for, easy to cancel.

By Internet

Click here to View and Pay Your Bill Online. Call the Utility office at 715-425-0906 during regular business hours if assistance is needed when logging on for the first time.

By Credit Card In Person

Visa, MasterCard, and Discover credit cards are accepted when paying your bill in person at the utility office. This service provides another option of paying your bill. Just bring your credit card and photo identification with you into the office and we will be happy to process your bill payment by credit card.

By Phone

Call 877-885-7968 (24/hrs, 7/days a week). You will need your RFMU ten digit account number (located at the upper right hand side of bill, starting immediately following the first three numbers and dash) and payment information (e-check, credit or debit card).

NOTICE: Effective September 21, a credit card processing fee of 3.0 % of your bill (utility bills under $100 will be charged 3.0% plus.50¢) will be charged to you by Payment Services Network (PSN). Note: This processing fee will be charged to you if you pay with a credit or debit card (you will not be charged a processing fee if you pay using an e-check).

Did You Receive a Tax Roll Notice for Unpaid Charges?

By October 15 of each year, property owners may receive a notice of unpaid city or utility service charges that, if not paid, will be placed on the annual tax roll for that property. The City was advised by the Public Service Commission that properly applied charges for service could not be waived. If you believe you have accrued these charges in error, please contact Customer Service immediately at 715-425-0906.