Utility Advisory Board


  • 6:30 p.m.
  • Third Monday of every month
  • City Hall, Council Chambers, 222 Lewis Street, River Falls, Wisconsin
  • Agendas for the Utility Advisory Board can be found here

Meetings are open to the public. They are recorded and shown on RFC-TV, River Falls Community Television Channel 16. View Utility Advisory Board meetings online.


There are seven members of the board. One of the seven members is an alderperson. The remaining six members must be residents of the City. Citizens are appointed by the Mayor and confirmed by the City Council. Members serve three-year terms.

UAB Members 2018

  • Diane Odeen, Council Representative - Statutory Term
  • Kevin Swanson - term expires April 2019
  • Vice Chair Patrick Richter - term expires April 2019
  • Chair Adam Myszewski - term expires April 2020
  • Tim Thum - term expires May 2021
  • Mark Spafford -  term expires May 2020
  • Kellen Wells-Mangold - term expires May 2021


The board shall advise the council on matters regarding public utility property, plant, equipment owned by the city for the conduct of the electric, water, sewer, and storm sewer utilities, its facilities and infrastructure, subject to the general control and supervision of the city council and its designee.

Legal Basis

Wisconsin Statutes 66.068-Permissive; Municipal Code 2.64


Per Resolution Number 5597 dated April 17, 2013