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City of River Falls Strategic Plan
The City began 2015 under the guidance of its first Strategic Plan adopted by the City Council. It was developed following extensive evaluation of the state of the City by the Council and senior leadership team. The Strategic Plan is a guide for the development of the City's two-year work plans, the investment of City resources, and where the City's leadership and staff focuses its energy.

The Strategic Plan's adopted goals, strategic initiatives, and key outcome indicators can be found below. The most recent quarterly update on the progress of the City towards the Strategic Plan goals can be found here. An archive of all updates can be found here.

In September 2017, the City Council adopted the Administration's 2017-2019 Major Work Plan, which was based on the framework established by the Strategic Plan. More information on the City's work plans can be found here.


Strategic Initiatives

Key Outcome Indicators

Ensuring Financial Sustainability


Preparing for Financial Contingencies

Unassigned General Fund Reserves

Maintaining Diverse Revenue Sources

Supporting General Fund with Revenues from Local Sources

Maintaining an Excellent Credit Rating

General Obligation Bond Ratings

Maintaining Vibrant Business-type Activities

Performance Index of Financial Ratios for Enterprise Funds

Consistently Delivering Quality Municipal Services


Maintaining a High Performance Workforce

Investments in Training and Development

Maintaining High Resident Satisfaction of Life in River Falls

Citizen Survey Composite Index of Resident Satisfaction

Maintaining High Resident Satisfaction in the City’s Customer Service

Citizen Survey Composite Index of Resident Satisfaction

Promoting Economic Vitality

(Managed Growth)

Identifying Private Sector Commercial Land Development Partners

Value of Developed Commercial and Industrial Property

Encouraging Job Growth

New Jobs Above the Median Salary

Developing the Sterling Ponds Corporate Park

Taxable Property Value Added within the Park

Developing the Regional Business Incubator

Continuing Development of the Incubator

Securing Future Growth Opportunities (Boundary Agreements)

Growth Areas included in Boundary Agreements

Connecting Community Members

(Gathering Places & Spaces)

Positioning our Parks for the Future

Glen and Hoffman Park Master Plans Complete with Funding Plan

Enhancing the Kinnickinnic River Corridor

Plan of Action Approved on Developing Kinnickinnic River Corridor Plan

Considering Future Generations


Cultivating a Sustainable Community

Numerous Private and Public Efforts and Initiatives

Leading by Example in Energy Sustainability

Maintaining State and National Rankings

Monitoring Infrastructure Condition

Infrastructure Composite Index Rating

Delivering an Affordable Package of Services

Maintaining Affordability for Residents

Scot Simpson
City Administrator

Julie Bergstrom
Assistant City Administrator
Ph: 715-426-3416

Kristi McKahan
Executive Assistant
Ph: 715-426-3403

Mary Zimmermann
Communications Manager
Ph: 715-426-3405

Keri Schreiner
Management Analyst
Ph: 715-426-3469

City Hall
222 Lewis Street
River Falls, WI 54022

Monday - Friday
8 a.m. - 5 p.m.