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Land Use and Zoning
Land Use and Zoning
The City of River Falls has adopted zoning and land development standards for the purpose of protecting the public health, safety, comfort, convenience, and general welfare of the community. The zoning division reviews and prepares recommendations on applications for development to ensure compliance with the City's municipal code as well as the goals and objectives of the long-range Comprehensive Plan. The zoning division works closely with the Plan Commission, Board of Appeals, and Extraterritorial Zoning Committee.

Plan Commission
The Commission is responsible for holding hearings and making decisions about future development patterns, special uses, zoning/rezoning requests and to suggest updates to the zoning ordinances.

Board of Appeals
The Board is responsible for hearing and making decisions on appeals and variances per code requirements.

Extraterritorial Zoning Committee
The Committee is responsible for holding hearings and making decisions about special uses and zoning/rezoning requests in the City's three mile extraterritorial jurisdiction.

Development/Site Plan Review

Municipal Zoning Code - Title 17

Tony Steiner
Senior Planner

Brandy Howe, AICP
Senior Planner