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Kinnickinnic River
Benefits of the Kinni
The Kinnickinnic River is an exceptional natural resource in western Wisconsin. The 22-mile, spring-fed river is a world-class trout stream with over 8,000 trout per mile in some stretches. The “Kinni” flows through the City of River Falls and is a popular recreation and natural area within the Wisconsin portion of the Twin Cities Metropolitan Area.

The Kinni’s 174-square-mile watershed is home to more than 50 percent of the bird species and 40 percent of the plant species found in Wisconsin. It contains more than 40 species of endangered, threatened, or special concern plants, animals, and insects.

Kinnickinnic River Land Trust

Kinnickinnic River Land Trust (KRLT) works with landowners and community partners to identify, protect and restore the habitats of greatest concern. For more information call 715-425-5738.